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Publié le 23 février 2015


Interaction with OGG1 is required for efficient recruitment of XRCC1 to base excision repair and maintenance of genetic stability after exposure to oxidative stress
Campalans A, Moritz E, Kortulewski T, Biard D, Epe B, Radicella JP
Detection of exosomal prions in blood by immunochemistry techniques.
Properzi F, Logozzi M, Abdel-Haq H, Venditti M, Federici C, Lugini L, Azzarito T, Cristofaro I, Colone M, Cardone F, Comoy E, Fais S, Pocchiari M
Synthetic scrapie infectivity: interaction between recombinant PrP and scrapie brain-derived RNA.
Simoneau S, Thomzig A, Ruchoux MM, Vignier N, Daus M, Poleggi A, Lebon P, Freire S, Durand V, Graziano S, Galeno R, Cardone F, Comoy E, Pocchiari M, Beekes M, Deslys JP, Fournier JG
The prion protein is critical for DNA repair and cell survival after genotoxic stress.
Bravard A, Auvré F, Fantini D, Bernardino-Sgherri J, Sissoeff L, Daynac M, Xu Z, Etienne O, Dehen C, Comoy E, Boussin F, Tell G, Deslys JP, Radicella P
Evaluation of the protection of primates transfused with vCJD-infected blood products filtered with prion removal devices: a 5-year update.
Lescoutra-Etchegaray N, Jaffre N, Sumian C, Durand V, Correia E, Mikol J, Luccantoni-Freire S, Culeux A, Deslys JP, Comoy E
Creating conditions for the success of the French industrial advanced therapy sector.
Lirsac PN, Blin O, Magalon J, participants of round table N°5 of Giens XXX:, Angot P, de Barbeyrac E, Bilbault P, Bourg E, Damour O, Faure P, Ferry N, Garbil B, Larghero J, Nguon M, Pattou F, Thumelin S, Yates F
Blood reference materials from macaques infected with variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease agent.
McDowell KL, Franco Z, Bu M, Nag N, Piccardo P, Cervenak J, Deslys JP, Comoy E, Asher DM, Gregori L
A new phosphorylated form of Ku70 identified in resistant leukemic cells confers fast but unfaithful DNA repair in cancer cell lines.
Bouley J, Saad L, Grall R, Schellenbauer A, Biard D, Paget V, Morel-Altmeyer S, Guipaud O, Chambon C, Salles B, Maloum K, Merle-Béral H, Chevillard S, Delic J.
Cdk5 promotes DNA replication stress checkpoint activation through RPA-32 phosphorylation, and impacts on metastasis free survival in breast cancer patients.
Chiker S, Pennaneach V, Loew D, Dingli F, Biard D, Cordelières FP, Gemble S, Vacher S, Bieche I, Hall J, Fernet M.
Disruption of phactr-1 pathway triggers pro-inflammatory and pro-atherogenic factors: New insights in atherosclerosis development.
Jarray R, Pavoni S, Borriello L, Allain B, Lopez N, Bianco S, Liu WQ, Biard D, Demange L, Hermine O, Garbay C, Raynaud F, Lepelletier Y.
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